The Pet

‘The Pet’ Launches

A dirty secondhand couch, stained with God knows what. Damp bathmats, peppered with suspicious crumbs. A clowder of cats, doing their best to carve out a decent existence for themselves, while angling for ownership of the apartment’s sole land mined litter box. You look at the melancholy scene around you, then side-eye your soon to be ex thinking “he might deserve this life, but we sure as shit don’t.”

This is The Pet, a wholesome NSFW neo-western audio piece, available now exclusively on Bandcamp.

With a vivid performance by Mara Wilson (Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire, Welcome to Night Vale) as “Heaven,” a salvage store worker who steals an ex-lovers cat and sets out on an adventure, and haunting cowboy-western music by Brad Smith (Blind Melon, Abandon Jalopy), The Pet is unlike anything you’ve heard before.

The Pet is also available via a *very* limited run of 12” vinyl. Get one while you can, and grab a tote bag and Gilded Audio sweatshirt while you’re at it.