Great Press Is Flying In For OTHERtone!

On December 1st OTHERtone announced their return with a trailer giving a sneak peek at their upcoming episodes. The latest Gilded Audio production will have new episodes every Monday and feature exciting guests like Zendaya, Rosalía, Clairo, Tristan Harris, and Jaron Lanier. Rolling Stone, Complex, and Vulture helped spread the news, and we’re excited to share the buzz resulting from each episode as they’re released.

OTHERtone is a glimpse into the minds of our culture’s unicorns, and how they think about life, art, and everything in between. As the “soup to nuts” production team for the show, Gilded is delighted to have a hand in what we know will be one of the most exciting music podcasts of late 2020, well into the New Year.