2020 Signal to Noise Winner!

We’re excited to announce the winner of the 2020 Signal to Noise Award! Naeema Torres’ audio documentary, Land of Lincoln, will examine the way Black History has been documented and put on display in the United States through the legacy of The Crenshaw House, also known as the Old Slave House. The audio documentary will cover the folklore surrounding the Crenshaw house, its relationship to slavery and its hand in the flourishing of Illinois, local free black communities, and the ghost stories that still permeate the area. Thanks to our amazing partner UnionDocs for helping us present the award again this year. And congratulations, Naeema!

The Pet

‘The Pet’ Launches

A dirty secondhand couch, stained with God knows what. Damp bathmats, peppered with suspicious crumbs. A clowder of cats, doing their best to carve out a decent existence for themselves, while angling for ownership of the apartment’s sole land mined litter box. You look at the melancholy scene around you, then side-eye your soon to be ex thinking “he might deserve this life, but we sure as shit don’t.”

This is The Pet, a wholesome NSFW neo-western audio piece, available now exclusively on Bandcamp.

With a vivid performance by Mara Wilson (Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire, Welcome to Night Vale) as “Heaven,” a salvage store worker who steals an ex-lovers cat and sets out on an adventure, and haunting cowboy-western music by Brad Smith (Blind Melon, Abandon Jalopy), The Pet is unlike anything you’ve heard before.

The Pet is also available via a *very* limited run of 12” vinyl. Get one while you can, and grab a tote bag and Gilded Audio sweatshirt while you’re at it.