Gilded Audio is an independent podcast production and development team based in New York City. Formed in 2013, our company collaborates with ambitious partners to create podcasts that reflect and refract the human experience. Focused on experimentation, attention to detail and thorough research, our team works diligently to prove that audio is the world's most powerful medium.


Our Company Aims To

Form quality partnerships built on mutual trust, creativity and an enjoyable process.
Work with a set of partners that represent a diversity of industries, ambitions and means.
Create podcasts across a variety of genres, languages, regions, cultures and attitudes.
Use creative recording strategies and sound design techniques in our storytelling.
Promote a culture of open-mindedness and journalistic integrity.
Support the international audio storytelling community through charitable programs.


Current Partners


Out of respect to our partners, we send customized portfolios of our work upon request. Just let us know what you’re looking to hear.



Want to Collaborate?

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  • Andrew Chugg, Executive Director
    Andrew Chugg has produced hundreds of podcast episodes for globally recognized publishers and brands. Prior to Gilded Audio, he was Director of Custom Audio for Panoply, a producer for WNYC/NPR’s On the Media, and an internationally touring musician and record producer. Andrew is an executive member of IADAS’s podcast category.
  • Whitney Donaldson, Director of Production + Development
    Whitney Donaldson oversees development, production and post-production for Gilded Audio. Her distinguished creative work has been heard on projects for Spotify, The Washington Post, T-Brand Studio at The New York Times, Slate, theSkimm, and Longreads. She is the lead editor on Amy Schumer’s 3 Girls, 1 Keith, a seasoned script-writer, and has produced countless interviews with high-profile talent across a variety of shows.
  • Lucina Melesio Friedman, Senior Producer
    Lucina Melesio is an award-winning journalist and producer whose stories have been featured in Al Jazeera English, ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight, Scientific American, Physics World, BBC World Service, Newsweek, Univision, and more. Before moving to New York she reported from Mexico City and is fluent in Spanish. She holds a Physics degree as well as two masters degrees, one in Science Media Production and another in Journalism. She founded and coordinated the Science Communication Unit at Mexico’s Institute of Physics at UNAM in 2011.
  • Ivana Tucker, Producer + Strategist
    After graduating from Georgetown, Ivana began her career working in marketing for companies including Madison Square Garden, NBCUniversal, and Victoria’s Secret. Her introduction to podcasting was in 2017 when she started independently producing her own original show, Homegirls in the City. The show won 1st place at the NY Media Center’s 2017 Podcast Pitch Night. She is responsible for contributing to creative development, strategy, research, scriptwriting, audio editing and more.
  • Samiah Adams, Head of Operations + Special Projects
    Samiah Adams, Head of Operations + Special Projects Samiah is an NYC native who, after graduating from Cornell, returned home to work in photo agencies. She then moved into audio production while supporting multimedia journalist Sue Jaye Johnson during her residency at TED. This led her to a role as producer of children's podcasts at Pinna where she managed fiction and non-fiction projects of all shapes and sizes, including two Parent's Choice Award winners.